Caring For Your Face Mask

Hints and Tips to prolong the life of your Custom Printed Face Mask…

Face coverings are now a part of our daily life and it is compulsory for people shopping or travelling on public transport to wear one.

It is widely accepted that face masks do provide some benefit and are recommended for use in settings where it’s hard to social distance.

If you have bought one of our custom printed face masks, it is important that you wash it regularly. This is because germs may have landed on the outside of your mask and you don’t want to risk becoming infected. Also if you have touched something that has been infected and you haven’t washed your hands before removing your mask then it could become contaminated.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) advises people to wash their face masks in soap or detergent at least once a day.

Because our face masks do not contain any paper filters you can wash them with your normal laundry using the same detergent that you would normally use, providing the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

Do not use bleach on your face mask as this can cause the colours to fade.

Do not put your face mask into the tumble drier, hang it up somewhere to dry or place it on a flat surface, this will help to keep the colours looking sharp.

Store your face mask in a clean, plastic, resealable bag so it’s fresh and ready for when you next need it.



We would highly recommend buying a second mask so that you are not stuck indoors while waiting for your mask to be washed and dried….


These are designed as face coverings and are NOT Surgical Masks, and as such we will not accept responsibility for anyone who contracts a virus while wearing one.

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