Israeli War Crimes

Israel is Deliberately Targeting Civilian Communities

In just one week Israel killed over 200 People in Gaza including 61 CHILDREN, 36 WOMEN & 16 ELDERLY, 1400 others were injured including 400 children & 270 women… Nearly 40,000 people were displaced from their homes, many crowded into shelters and all of this happened in the middle of a global pandemic

Israel’s claim that it was only targeting militant groups in Gaza are false, Israeli air and missile strikes saw families and children massacred as well as residential blocks, clinics, schools, libraries and media offices being destroyed by their missiles, including:-

  • The Gaza office of humanitarian organisation The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund which helps sick and injured kids
  • Qatari Red Crescent Society, a medical and humanitarian aid organisations headquarters destroyed in an airstrike
  • A Community Library and the Samir Mansour publishing house and Book Shop
  • A Covid Testing lab and Healthcare facilities
  • A Refugee Camp and over 40 Schools

Israel also systematically destroyed all the roads to Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital

Israel targeted Gaza’s telecommunication networks in a bid to stop footage of the slaughter from getting out, it also stopped Journalists and human rights organisations from entering Gaza. This came days after the Gaza media tower, a building housing residential apartments and the offices of news organisations, including Al Jazeera and the Associated Press, was flattened by an Israeli air raid.

Israel is GUILTY of War Crimes and should be held accountable for their Crimes Against Humanity

How this latest conflict started

Read how Arab evictions sparked the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict (opens in a new tab)

Israel is deliberately targeting cultural institutions in Gaza

Samir Mansour publishing house and bookshop in Gaza was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike

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